Pleasure and pain

Little drops of rain, gliding on window panes
Surging passion in our veins
Ah the  pleasure.. Ah the pain
Passion surging in our veins
On the window panes gliding, little drops of rain


Written for : NAISAIKU WEEK X


Oh they lie with their eyes!

Birds perched high, In vivid plumes
Allure the passer’s by, With heady perfume
Oh they lie with their eyes!
In vivid plumes, these birds perched high
With heady perfume, they allure the passers by!

Written for Naisaiku Week IX and also 3WW


Layers of reactive reactions, Rumble through the jumbled consciousness
Anarchy prevails, Confusion reigns!
Ernest efforts fail to jostle required responses
Confusion reigns while anarchy prevails.
Rumble through the jumbled consiousness and layers of reactive reactions.
Written for : 3WW and Naisaiku week VI


Persistent dreams interfere with callous reality.
Tumultous thoughts embroil in the inroads of my mind
Life, a will o’ wisp!
The inroads of my mind embroil in tumultous thoughts.
Callous reality interfere with persistent dreams.