Erudite Echoes Faintly 
Fugacious farces sagaciously; 
Sanity sails through
Tactile tablature 
Rabid ramnifications  galvanize
Ghostly Galanty macabre
Malaise mullishly haunts,
Halcyon hours .
Prompted at : Inspire me thursday!
P.S: Trying something new here.. Mostly this might not make much sense. but there is an underlying meaning.. Can you guess ?


Like the dust that rises up the sky,

And the whirlwind that traverse through the land,
In circles, you rise.
In circles you settle down.
Oh thoughts, 
Why this vacillation ?
Reach out to the wide blue expanse,
yes! It is there for you to amble,
And yet, like the bamboo  shoots,
Tarry a bit, 
till you flower effusively,
Thoughts, germinate awhile!
Let me ponder…
Prompted at : OSI and Inspire me Thursday

On the other side of the moon

On the other side of the moon,

Breathes a naked world,
Of darkness and mystery
Of pain and misery,
And of pulsating rage unfurled
A tempest of supressed carnage
A shroud of secrecy it cloaks
With pent up desires, it chokes
Of whispers and nudges
Of malicious, unrepentant grudges
And of deafening sounds of silence
A world on the other side of the moon
Hidden behind the shadows
Scarier than the gallows
Of shifting and shivering sands
Lingers a  quivering land
Ah a land of veritable doom
On the other side of the moon
Prompted at : Inspire me thursday and TOP