Acrostic prompts…..

Fear not

As trying it might seem

Incomparably difficult even;

This too shall pass and

Halcyon days awaits!



Behold my

Ebullient passion





Hold me close  as I,


Dissolve into ripples of pleasure


Bosom heaves
Errant heart beats
Weak knees
Instinctively capsize
Tyrant you smile
Captive me,
Hold  breath for that-
Decadent pleasure

Prompted by : Acrostic only

Breast Cancer -An acrostic

Blot out these-
Rebellious cells
Scoop them out
Tarnished body wails!

Contours lost
Awry lines
Never will be set right
Cure elusive as I,
Endure in hope
Respite cannot be far

Prompted at : Acrostic poetry

P.S: It is not new.. I am struggling hard to find words to express my feelings.. and the words I do find.. seem not enough ! Anyhow.. this is my desperate attempt to finally write “poetry” I know this is not good enough.. and yet I love the first stanza.. what do you say ?

Pretty Woman

Prosaic ideals
Reactive thoughts
Eclectic tastes
Tottering it might be but,
Towering ambitions
Yearning for the sky…..

Wallowed for long in
Obloquies meted since birth
Mighty dreams won’t be thwarted aagain
A new dawn awaits you
No more  are you a nebbish

Common sense

Called upon in many arguments!
Of all the known and unknown
More often than not
Mirrored, distorted
Obvious and yet
Not everyone has it!

Sensible people swear by it
Everyone knows about it.
Normally called “common”
Sadly  ironical but true
Evidence shows – it is pretty uncommon!


Hold on to

All the blessings

Parlayed to you.

Providence divine

In scheme of things

Nominated you for

Every joy experienced.

So now, shower your smiles as generously as,

Sun shines in the sky


Confounding me

Overpowering chimera

Negate my reality

Finding borders

In wide open spaces

Nihilistic propensities

Evict reason from its seat

Mirages rule roost


Nothing’s more confining as freedom

Tie me down and make me free!


Written for : Acrostic Only


While the sun shines bright

High, over the hills and

Elusive moon bides its time for the

Night to arrive


In the days of summer when

Tender little flowers bloom  and 

ves are of brightest hue ,

Spring unveils its magic!


Over the rambling mountains and

Vales filled with exotic blooms

Each nook, every corner

Radiantly aglow


Just when the world revels in its polychromatic glow

Unnervingly sneaks in cold, ashen winter

Sheathing the vociferous, evergreen

Trees with a pallid shroud


Behind the white canopy, 

Ossified nature

Waits for the onset of  spring


Written for : Acrostic only