Spewing rubbish!

To see is not to see.

To be is not to be.

To lie is to say the truth

And to be honest is hornet’s nest

Let me just not see.

Let me just not be

I wonder what is this about

Nonsense I seem to spout!

But if randomness is not random

Wouldn’t that just mean

Something is yet to be gleaned?


I surround myself with emptiness.

It is never empty.

For nothingness holds just that.


I find myself time and again getting lost.

I find myself.

getting lost.

If I could just borrow words.

Transcend meanings..

May be then I can leave behind

This sinking feeling.

May be then I shall

Expel this “if” and this “may be”

From my vocabulary.

If only!

Something stupid! ** sigh**

I bought myself some colicy dreams

I found it bursting through the seams

“I want to live” it said to me

“May be today you shall sleep”

I bought myself some crazy thoughts

Even though they were a sorry lot

Chocolate flavored words and sinful lies

I chose them over.. I chose them! that should suffice

I wrote myself some hazy verse

Stroke them through and kept them terse

And yet I struggle to make some sense.

I guess I should stop this nonsense!

Love is a flower

Love is a flower you got to grow
Let it bloom, spread its charm
Keep it away from worldly harm

Love is a flower you got to share
Even when the wind doth blow
Hold it gently with loving care

Like the dandelion in the wind, let it glide
It will return, you got to abide
Love is a flower you never throw

Prompted at : Carry on tuesday

Hazy lines!

Stealing glances, stealing chances,

That night

A moment frozen.

A flicker of light

A snicker of fright

Eternity of shame awaited me.

Thwarted dreams ? Thwarted though it seems..

I lived through the chocolate flavored nights

Only to be blinded..

By the misshapen brittle light!