If only, you had waited

What words could never do,

Your eloquent eyes did for me.

Blotted all our life together. Forever.

I washed it all away with my countless tears.

I  longed  for you to come to me.

As I had come , time and again

If only, you had waited one more time,

Just for a  few moments more,

You would have known that I had come!

If only……

Prompted at Carry on tuesday!



  1. oh god !
    I got confused… !!

    Swaram has a blog the song of life… !!!!! so i thought it was her……

    geeeeeeeeeeezzzzz… such a goof up… why do you keep changing your template so much… lol… i thought it was a different blog !!!!!! 😛 😛

  2. and hey meenu we gotta work on our blogsamaj wala blog re…
    its hit a road block

    come on… stop being moody and lazy….

    work to be done…

  3. oh deeah ! you dun have a mobile Poohees ?
    or your mobile dun work ??
    battery down ??

    Me: Where did you get the idea of mobiles? 😀 😀 I do have mobile but mostly its on silent mode and I dont remember where I left it the last time!

    • you can always call, say wait wait wait, i am bringing molagha bajji, chutney, massaala vadai and some mind blowing rasam.

  4. pooh..u knw what?? i visit ur blog whenever im at the lowest!!! and sure ur words give that blissful pain..the ones we yearn for actually..when we wanna sit n solitude and speak those soundless words ..more than praising u..i wanna thank u for these words..

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