Acrostic Prompts

Cold winds sweeped the mighty lanes

Roaring thunder clashed with the lightening.

Yet not a drop escaped in silent mourning.


Jostling horns warring with

Angry voices

May god save us from the ghastly traffic jams!


P.S: All the prompts are from Acrostic Only. Will edit add more as and when I write on other prompts 🙂



  1. dont tell me today morning I went round and round and reached office 20 mins late… for about 10 mins was steady at one spot… alas but that lovely girl on scooty… she made the wait worth while… !!!! in this cloudy romantic weather… 😛 😛

  2. C.R.Y takes the cake. And if you want to tell me that desperately, pls don’t 😉

    Me: Nah nah am no longer down and hope you are not even 🙂

  3. Oh Winnie is back! I read yours from last week and thought they were great. I have missed reading you.

  4. Very nice Acrostics…I especially love this line “Yet not a drop escaped in silent mourning.” Wonderfully written.

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