Hold on to

All the blessings

Parlayed to you.

Providence divine

In scheme of things

Nominated you for

Every joy experienced.

So now, shower your smiles as generously as,

Sun shines in the sky



  1. “Shower your smiles as generously as,
    Sun shines in the sky”

    How very profound. What a joy to read.

  2. yenna daa wat you taaking ?

    if i shower my smiles like the sun yavvary baady will kickkee me Pooheedee, my sisters will throw me out of the houj.

    howbatt this ?

    i enter with my broad smile, the AC stops working

    what ?

    i am showering the sun on you with my smile

    Get out of here you idiot !

    i think i shouldn’t enter my sister’s room smiling, she’ll tear me to pieces, she can’t live without AC, You should see her when the power goes off.
    i hate AC, it makes me sick.

    Me: Hey Rauf!

    It is so wonderful to see you! Its been such a long long time! Where have you been ? Poor sisters of yours! Not even 1 hour of respite eh? But am sure they miss you when you are not around. I guess its not the sunshine of your smile but the noise music * ahem ahem* sound of your laughter that makes them kick you 😉

    I hate Ac’s air too. Makes me sick.. my office really sucks in that respect!

    Ohh! Its so nice to see your effusive comments back! Gladdened my heart 🙂


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