Common sense

Called upon in many arguments!
Of all the known and unknown
More often than not
Mirrored, distorted
Obvious and yet
Not everyone has it!

Sensible people swear by it
Everyone knows about it.
Normally called “common”
Sadly  ironical but true
Evidence shows – it is pretty uncommon!



  1. nice work you have been able to repack a thought – which has sadly become a cliche – into poetry without trying to overdo anything. Enjoyed the simplicity 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha … we can’t stop laughing. This one hit the nail on the head. Something that should be so common, yet so unique. Bravo!

  3. mine went on a holiday pooheedee, i think it forgot my address,
    can’t find its way back home, don’t thnik it will ever come back.

    whattoo ??
    How you bees Poohees ?

    Me: Where did you go? Temme temme! Photoes dikhao! I wanna see your beaatuphool beautiphool pictures and a Dhasoo Rauf like post too 🙂

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