Acrostic Prompts

Cold winds sweeped the mighty lanes

Roaring thunder clashed with the lightening.

Yet not a drop escaped in silent mourning.


Jostling horns warring with

Angry voices

May god save us from the ghastly traffic jams!


P.S: All the prompts are from Acrostic Only. Will edit add more as and when I write on other prompts ūüôā

If only, you had waited

What words could never do,

Your eloquent eyes did for me.

Blotted all our life together. Forever.

I washed it all away with my countless tears.

I  longed  for you to come to me.

As I had come , time and again

If only, you had waited one more time,

Just for a  few moments more,

You would have known that I had come!

If only……

Prompted at Carry on tuesday!

Pretty Woman

Prosaic ideals
Reactive thoughts
Eclectic tastes
Tottering it might be but,
Towering ambitions
Yearning for the sky…..

Wallowed for long in
Obloquies meted since birth
Mighty dreams won’t be thwarted aagain
A new dawn awaits you
No more  are you a nebbish

Common sense

Called upon in many arguments!
Of all the known and unknown
More often than not
Mirrored, distorted
Obvious and yet
Not everyone has it!

Sensible people swear by it
Everyone knows about it.
Normally called ‚Äúcommon‚ÄĚ
Sadly  ironical but true
Evidence shows – it is pretty uncommon!


Hold on to

All the blessings

Parlayed to you.

Providence divine

In scheme of things

Nominated you for

Every joy experienced.

So now, shower your smiles as generously as,

Sun shines in the sky

Thousand little deaths..

Of thousand little deaths my heart dies, you will never know

I hide them well, hide them in radiant glow

Watching the contours  of your absent smile

I haven’t really spoken a word, for a long while

If only you had noticed my injured pride

Of thousand little deaths my heart dies, you will never know

I hold them in silence, it would never show!

Of those many missed calls what do I say?

I waited for a word, every day!

If only you had some time  just to say hello

P.S: I dont think this poem is complete but I dont think I can ever catch the mood that I am in now again.. so well here it is..

The first line is filched shamelessly from the poem that you can see in the right hand side bar in the bottom of the page..