What if…. ?

What if I decide,
To stop the way I am walking
Impishly walk the wrong way
Knowing that this leads to no where
Knowing that I am lost….

What if I revel,
In this seeming oblivion,
Where I know not a soul
Where all I am is but a speck.
A random speck at that.

What if during this amble,
I happen to break into a dance.
And sing a tuneless song.
It has a melody.. in my thoughts!
What if I sound discordant?

What if I pick the flower
Fallen on the road.
Marvel at the shades,
Of scars in its petals,
Little marks of brown,
That will soon take over,
The bright yellow of morn ?

What if then I slip through,
And ridiculously fall on the ground.
With a large silly grin
Pasted on my face,
I sit just right there.
In the middle of the road.
Happy as a lark?

Would you then call me crazy?
I am not that for sure!
I simply wanted to steal
Few moments of childhood.
Like a gentle glimpse of spring.
In October of my life.

What if it were a lie?
That I assiduouslyΒ  spun for you.
And indeed, I am insane.
Would it still make a difference?
I would still be stealing,
Slices from my childhood…

Why then am I trapped,
Behind the forbidden walls?
Dizzy and dazed through the day
Inundated in dreams, all night.
Thinking.. What if, I was free… ?

So what if I am free?



  1. SO NICE!!!!!!! and it is not in caps by mistake!!! i just Loved it with a capital L πŸ™‚ imagination & thought flow is damn good with a sprinkle of good words! awesome!! errr lemme stop or ill write a poetry in praise of ths!~!!

  2. You write so well Poohi.. your writings are always deep.This one is wonderful.. πŸ™‚

  3. Meena!

    This poem tests – in my opinion – at least in the places where you talk of sitting gaily on the road, dreams spun for someone, the traces of insanity, the looking into the flower petals and especially where you talk of breaking into a dance for a tunelss song – a beautiful THOUGHT – the grounds of sanity and insaity; or more properly that of “educated” sensibility and that we had as nature gave it. It reminded me of a quasi-fictitious work by the thamizh author Jeyakanthan!

    Lovely write:) Sorry for the delay!

    • I am not really sure what I wanted to express here.. and you can feel that in the way its written.. with no pattern at all..

      I haven’t read anything in tamizh literature sadly.. 😦

  4. Meena,

    That’s ok. Don’t get the impression I have read plenty :P. I have not. But I love the tongue which happens to be my original one and love it far more than English.

    • When it comes to books you can never read enough πŸ™‚

      Its also partly my mother tongue ( father tongue to be exact) but.. well I can hardly speak tamizh forget about reading n writing and there is hardly any translation work available!

  5. hmmm… I can understand. But do not consider yourself bad for that (not that I am suggesting you are) when full native speakers do not speak their mother tongue because of “infra dig” issues. No this is not “film” stuff. lol. Sadly it happens for real too.

    anyway, have emailed a random verse. Got to go now… have to study 😦

  6. hi…

    wonderful poem. even i feel it some times. thanx winnie, it reminded me of my long lost poem.

    but i loved urs a lot.

    thanx for ur visit. πŸ™‚

    keep writting. πŸ™‚

  7. ‘What if it were a lie?
    That I assiduously spun for you.
    And indeed, I am insane.
    Would it still make a difference?
    I would still be stealing,
    Slices from my childhood…’
    Winnie the poohi have you read the Gulliver’s Travels, not the Lilliputs but when he travels to an island of horses? He lives with them for so long, and grows to love them, speaks like them and when he is brought back to our world, he used to go and talk to them in the stables and now that he is aware of how well they communicate and the kind of poetry they can write, he is sad to see how we won’t let them be free now… this post somehow reminded me of Gulliver’s angst. He couldn’t dare o tell humans he preferred horses to them and this world just wasn’t real for him…

  8. Meena, this is a slice of life… true and through….

    How many times have we wanted to do this, and done this and then been looked upon in askance?

    And how many do it becuase they are unfettered or simply want to be?

    This touched and nerve inside. And found resonance in a chord strumming away in my heart!

    Thank you thank you thank you… for this beauty!

    Made my day to read it!

    • Oww Usha ma’am! Thank you so! I have been feeling so listless lately.. your comment made my day πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      *hugs hugs*

  9. why the template change???!!! I liked the earlier one! It was dark, deep amd very attractive!

    Me: Mood change πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I cant stand the sameness πŸ˜€

  10. Hi Winnie,
    Loved this poem. I love the flower stanza more…especially the way you attributed the brown scars….beautiful. Hope to stop by for more.

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