Umbrella – Haikus

Pretty uninspired today.. ah well random verse from my side 🙂 







  1. I love Haikus, liked ’em since the first time I read ’em… although, I’ve never really been able to write any yet.

    Nice ones…

    • Oh you should give it a try! They are fun to write.. though mine is strictly just “okay kinds” I have read some stunning ones!

  2. how on earth does someone uninspired still write so well? lol. Pray tell me.

  3. I mentioned on your other blog..this is what I had been missing..vintage Winnie 😀
    loved both of em 🙂

  4. I thought the first Haiku was Inspiring:-)


    Hope weeks’s coming along fine ka:-) been wanting to mail you, but time constraints. Ll mail round this eekend:-)


    • waiting da! busy busy bee! yes i u\s time constraints 😀 .. hope you get free soon enough and post some “dhasu” posts soon enough 😀

  5. very brave other blog you have M:-). Read a couple of posts but could not comment there from my workstation, not sure why! 😦

    I completely agree with you on that it is taboos and norms that repress things as well as make them more interesting. I also believe viewpoints – conventional or otherwise, a distinct so cliched but I use it for want of a better descriptive tools – need to be contextualized and evolve. Not discussing views is fine; giving respect to others’ views is great; but changing one’s own views in a flow of convenience rather than as a sustained thoughtful product of experience is probably the only thing that makes me uncomfortable.

    I know why they call you an honest blogger. Keep it going great guns!

    • I agree! The viewpoints generally are cliched. Its so hard to be original ** sigh**

      But mostly, it does change.. as we change.. our thought process evolve become complicated and yes.. it changes. subtly .. but then the essence of it shouldn’t lose.. hopefully it wouldnt 🙂

  6. touching haikus 🙂 esp since rain is rained smiles for me :)..and i just loved that Dorothy Parkers poem u have put up…its just soo lovely

  7. Hi Meena,

    Not sure what id you use you access blogs and comment. Kindly leave that on my shoutbox; wish to send you an invite for ‘ordinary stories’ as I am planning to restrict access.

  8. Winnie….loved both of them…..very well expressed as always.Under the umbrella…touched a cord….hmmmmmmmmm

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