Along the edges// I lived through a thousand lives// Always observing!

Along the edges// I lived through a thousand lives// Always observing!


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For posterity// A moment froze with a click// In silence captured....

What if…. ?

What if I decide,
To stop the way I am walking
Impishly walk the wrong way
Knowing that this leads to no where
Knowing that I am lost….

What if I revel,
In this seeming oblivion,
Where I know not a soul
Where all I am is but a speck.
A random speck at that.

What if during this amble,
I happen to break into a dance.
And sing a tuneless song.
It has a melody.. in my thoughts!
What if I sound discordant?

What if I pick the flower
Fallen on the road.
Marvel at the shades,
Of scars in its petals,
Little marks of brown,
That will soon take over,
The bright yellow of morn ?

What if then I slip through,
And ridiculously fall on the ground.
With a large silly grin
Pasted on my face,
I sit just right there.
In the middle of the road.
Happy as a lark?

Would you then call me crazy?
I am not that for sure!
I simply wanted to steal
Few moments of childhood.
Like a gentle glimpse of spring.
In October of my life.

What if it were a lie?
That I assiduously  spun for you.
And indeed, I am insane.
Would it still make a difference?
I would still be stealing,
Slices from my childhood…

Why then am I trapped,
Behind the forbidden walls?
Dizzy and dazed through the day
Inundated in dreams, all night.
Thinking.. What if, I was free… ?

So what if I am free?

Its one of those days yet again!

It is one of those days yet again!
Lurking unattended,
A verse awaits to come out.
A blinking cursor,
Tingling fingers
Aching to dance
On the indecisive key board

Eyes closed.
Forehead wrinkled
Gazing on the top yet not looking.
A blinking cursor,
Blank mind.
It is one of those days.
Yet again!

An unknown ache.
Just above the stomach.
It is one of those days.
Yet again!
A heavy heart?
No… a heaving heart.
Erratic mood…!
It rained today.

Splashes of rain,
Whispered a new tune.
Strained ears missed the drifting tune!
Its one of those days yet again!

P.S: I give up! I am simply not inspired!! 😦 😦 I wonder why! The nature is at its best.. spring has colored the trees with bright colors.. and rain drenche leaves.. stark against the tar roads.. make amazing poetry and yet I seem not able to write anything worth while! I havent waited for so long before without writing anything! May be I should start writing for prompts again! Or may be try a new poetry style!