Confusion ?

My inundated sky

enshrouds my doubts

in a dewy canopy

Treacherous arms sneak through the 

leaky holes.


Warm nights sweat

the auguries of the sunken  eyes 

Nakedness shy away

from the harsh glare of the day


Or is it that the light,

hide from the darkness?

And the shame cloaked clothes

Run from the denuded  ?


A paradox it is.. or is it this poet’s confusion ?



  1. Hey! This is the first time I’ve visited your blogg. I’ve read your work and I must say WoW! You write marvellously. Something tells me I’m going to be captivated to your work.

  2. owee i hate horror movies Pooheedee da sweetest

    indendu and dendendu are very scary Pooheedee
    denduded ?
    inundundated ?? oh deeah ! You are scaring me, it sounds like you are beating me with a danda and i am running for my life.
    why you writing scary tings Pooheedee ?

      • i am a monkey without a tail Pooheedee sweet. and you have given me a tail, i want to surgically remove ‘ji’ from my name. Are you a doctor Pooheeda ? You don’t have to be, just chop it off with a big knife. i can’t afford to make new dresses.

        • ha ha ha 😀 Alryty Rauf.. you wont be a ji anymore 😉

          It doesnt need a doc thankfully.. nor a surgeon.. just words will do 🙂

          Else u wud have to pay thru ur nose.. and wud have preferred new clothes 😀

  3. Poetry amalgamated with passionate boldness is something I have always grown to admire. Your poetry seems to have that quality of the dark (that is not necessarily devilish). You could take that as an observation not a judgment.

    On the aside, the verses, their “seeming” ease, the words and the flow remind me of my own Guru whose verses have a “natural” quality about them!

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