While the sun shines bright

High, over the hills and

Elusive moon bides its time for the

Night to arrive


In the days of summer when

Tender little flowers bloom  and 

ves are of brightest hue ,

Spring unveils its magic!


Over the rambling mountains and

Vales filled with exotic blooms

Each nook, every corner

Radiantly aglow


Just when the world revels in its polychromatic glow

Unnervingly sneaks in cold, ashen winter

Sheathing the vociferous, evergreen

Trees with a pallid shroud


Behind the white canopy, 

Ossified nature

Waits for the onset of  spring


Written for : Acrostic only



  1. Winnie, did Nature took a bow?
    after reading yours… i feel u shd take one too!

    and u need to get one..
    *bows* 🙂

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