Like an oft repeated movie

On the late night channel,

Shadows dance through my consciousness

Like a ping pong,

I vacillate between reality and illusion

I walk on the razor blade

Myriad emotions seem to filter out


like one final sip

my heart squeezes itself dry

over and over again

And yet, no tear trickle through my eyes

Today, it won’t lie

Emptiness that I feel inside

Today, it won’t hide

A listlessness grips my soul

And I can clearly see what I am about to do

I feel no regret, if anything a perverse relish

It will be over now.

Once for all.

Neither here nor there.

It will be a home coming. Long awaited.

As the  sweet ambrosia of eternal lassitude

pervades my being.

I wish I could slip by

Just for a moment

and whisper in the wind

Thank you…….

A tormented soul finally found its peace

In the moment of death,

I finally lived – for the first time ever.



  1. The inner soliloquy of someone departing…captured it to the tee 🙂

    A little mix of pain and poetic pleasure was how i felt while reading this:-)

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