Like a leap of fire,

it starts at the weakest part

Working its way through lustily

Until the entire being is consumed

Death is no less fascinating



  1. Death indeed is fascinating… well, I do not want to taste it as of now.. but when it comes, it should be as fascinating as my life is 🙂

  2. I liked this 🙂

    But you ve my query to address: What did u mean when you said death starts at the weakest part?

    • It does too.. esp when you die by some exotic disease whose name you know not .. or may be cancer ?

      or may be old age.. you die piece by piece

  3. Death is behind all philosophies, not life Pooheedee sweet. Death or the fear of death makes things work.

    let us assume there is no death, and we go on living.
    Now jot down points.
    no one dies, there are no doctors no hospitals
    you don’t die even if you don’t eat, so no one grows food.
    No body works, nobody makes money, so on and so forth
    in the end you’ll see the whole set up is so ridiculous
    why we are born why we die
    what happens by coming and going ? who cares ? God ? earth ?
    Life is meaningless Pooheedee.

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