one word


In wide empty spaces,

I seek an elusive meaning

An expression  that escapes through

the illusive holes.


Of twirls and swirls

Of that scratchiness of the pen against

The starched whiteness,


Nothingness beckons to leave

wet foot prints  

To dawdle a bit

to trace the contours of the uneven sky


Hesitant efforts,

soon buried under rejected ideas

Juggle incessantly , bursting through the seams

I, clueless, struggle through


Unbearable ennui

To find metaphors

that justifies the words that seem to want to come out


Waiting for an expression

That could elevate them into some

complex and intriguing verse


Utterly defeated ,

I now,

Grapple to leave just a single trace

Just a single word

on the inviting blank canvas


Prompted at : OSI



  1. Winnie I enjoyed reading about the thought process that goes behind creatively painting a picture with one word, that says it all … I don’t know if that’s possible, but then again, I don’t believe nothing is impossible!

    • Umm I wasnt talking about that at all.. its about a poets block.. trying to write a poem.. struggling for that first word that wud signify the star of a poem 🙂

  2. “Of twirls and swirls
    Of that scratchiness of the pen against
    The starched whiteness,” How true and bonafide to core as a friend would say! And being something of a scribbler, I know the feeling only too well!

  3. wow.. OSI does get a lot of comments doesn’t it?
    even more so when the words are sooooo good!

  4. Beautifully assayed, that struggle to reach out and find that ONE word!

    You always write spectacularly, and this one is one of the best here!

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