7. Winnie the poohi

Winnie the poohi,
Holds so much of me.
Of conversations late in the night
Of friendship we have, in bits and bytes
Seen in profiles, on orkut albums
We have forged a friendship  so deep and then some!
Poohikins you call me with so much love
A smile lights my face, leaving it aglow!
A childish side of me that enjoys cartoons
A girly side of me that dances in monsoon
An adult me , trying hard to find a niche
A name, thats so much me yet not a cliche
A name that reminds me of you
As much as it depicts the very “me”
A name that can blow all the blues
A name, a legacy of friendship so true!


  1. 😀 I see you had fun with this one 😀 Good hai 🙂

    I guess “mansoon” was intended to be “monsoon” 😀 or was it “mansoon” 😉 its a lovely evening here in delhi btw .. its raining .. propinquity showere u can say 😉

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