5.Images in silence

You say, silence.. speaks a thousand words
Oh how I wish, I hadn’t heard
The live images that you painted
In that deafening , enchanting silence…
On the nights when the moon blooms high
In a pearly white delight
I wonder if you see
May be a pale reflection of me
Do you still paint the sky
With the twinkle of your eye?
Do you say the same
To another dame?
I wonder so, in the nightly glow!
During the misty dawn,
When the room is tinted in buttered bronze
I wonder If you wake up in the morn
And look out to the mountains and think copper canyon!
Do you still suck the ice
Till your lips are blue?
And then look in her eyes
Kiss and  say you have twice the spice?
I wonder so, while people move around me to and fro!
And when the twilight splash
Crimson, pink and lilac truffles
And the even breeze slowly blow
Your golden hair it slowly  ruffles
Do you think then, of my gentle touch
Do you still remember me much ?
Like I seem to every day
I so woudn’t if I had my way!
I wonder so, in the even light,
while nature puts her spectacular show!
Silence as you said, says thousand things to me
Images flit by like a loopy marquee
If I could just wish them away by closing my eyes
May be then I wouldn’t spend my night with empty sighs!


  1. “nature puts her spectacular show”…no kidding…and that spectacular sky says it al in the photo also…..keep it up

  2. Good Morning Winnie~ I think everyone would like the chance to forget sometime. But, if we didn’t have that experience then we couldn’t appreciate the better things that came along. Well written. Have a nice day.

  3. to say poetically pleasing falls way too short… it has a musicality of soothing motion filled with empty sighs… yeah, it’s a beautiful post…

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