For all the days to come
Remember this!
If ever it happens that you
Encounter that you are all alone and
Need someone, for any damn thing
Don’t hesistate to holler
So that I can come 
Help you through the toughest phase
Incase, that is not possible I shall
Pray for your well being. 
Prompted at : Acrostic only 


  1. Winnie this is very good. Just need to bold the first letter …

    You know, sometimes simple is the most complex.

    By the way, my email address is Jane Doe, but my name is Amias.

  2. I don’t know if I mentioned this, maybe I did .. I love your new blog skin .. it’s real cool!

  3. poohi, i loved it!!

    one small technicality though…

    it is FRIENDSHIP, yours spells FRINDSHIP! 🙂

    can u edit this to add the E please? and make it better?

  4. Amias thank you so! you had mentioned it before 🙂

    Leo can you believe you were the only one who noticed it? or may be others were too polite to criticize! Thanks a million for that

    for that means you really read the poem and also that you are quite comfortable with me 😀 😀

    A special hug for you! *huuuggggss*

    Illeen Ah yes Amen!

    Nave yep i know 😀

    Diana thank you so!

    pratsie :)*hugs*

    Maggie thank you!!

  5. That was a nice prayer…. well written acrostic poem … you told much in those lines … thanks for sharing 🙂

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