4. Snow flakes

Three little snow flakes,

Gently fell on the ground
One upon one, upon one
they were bound
A passing wind rudely
Swept a flake away
The morning sun then,
melted other into the clay
suspended in time,
the solitary flake was then
softly captured
in my misshapen rhyme


  1. Love the way you captured the final snowflake!

    My favorite line is: One upon one, upon one

  2. Ha! Love that last little turn at the end. I’m partial to that last stanza.

  3. Yes, the word “misshapen” is perfect! I really like this little poem. It almost reads like a nursery rhyme.

  4. you caught the snowflake perfectly.. it is mezmerizing to watch snowflakes fall..

  5. This can be counted one of my favorites from now on …. Subtle .. Simple beauty!!! Very well penned!!! 🙂

    I love it when one paints such a picture and drawing conclusions out of things like these has been my temptation lately 🙂 Wonderful!! 🙂

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