Together yet apart

Opposite attract they said..

And so it seemed,
On that very first day!
Us. Attracted. Opposite.
Like chalk and cheese;
Fire and ice.
Alas!  they forgot to quote,
Chalk and cheese cannot be eaten together
And when fire meets ice
What remains is,
An inexplicable, mind numbing void.
And a web of lies
As shaky and as convoluted as our ties.
Wasn’t it better that we never met ?
Like the two (river)banks,
That flowed together yet stayed apart
Prompted at : Poefusion


  1. Hello Winnie~ I love the connection you made to the prompt. Your poem really shows the collapse of a relationship. Cheese and chalk is a beautiful way to show opposites. And, your ending pulls it all together strongly. Well done. Have a nice night.

  2. Chance and necessity work inevitably and they ARE complimentary to each other.
    Every electron is meant to be there for the other electron.
    There is no”BETTER OR WORSE “
    Lovely selection of words and so simple yet so deep !

  3. Hey !!

    I think i m here for the first time… from Ajit’s

    Lovely use of words that is…

  4. Very expressive…Wasn’t it better that we never met ?
    Like the two (river)banks,
    That flowed together yet stayed apart…tugs the heartstrings…very beautifully said.

  5. Hi Winnie.

    Thank you for reading my ramblings and enjoying them.

    It is a miracle of sorts, that art and poetry hinges on the relationship between the artist/poet and the reader – that brings about magic.

    I was wondering who you were…there isn’t a brief bio page on this blog. 😉


  6. You have outdone yourself with this one .. the metaphor meets the literal …is the making of a good poem, and you succeeded very well!

  7. 'that stayed apart and yet (flowed) together' <– ?? 🙂

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