I met three tears yesterday

I met three tears today,

To hold them at bay
I struggled so much;
Yet they sneaked through anyway
   Trickled down 
       her cheek  so pale
In the welcoming folds 
Of my careworn saree
The next 
    found its way 
         To her quivering lip
A dew,
On a tender flower-tip,
I gently kissed it away
And the third, 
    didn’t dare leave 
       The  safety of her doe-eyed lids
Like a diamond in the light.
I clutched her to me really tight!
Ah I met three tears today
A rain, a dew and a diamond
They did what words couldn’t do.
Bound us in an unwavering bond….
Written for ReadWritePoem


  1. Tears were never that beautiful before…

    beautiful way of putting it…

    and btw your writing at 3.45 ? I thought you were living in india ?

    cricket fan >? lol

  2. 🙂 One of your best ones, this … I give it a big elbow .. the spanish archer 😉

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