Muse- thy have many forms.

A  poet’s pen, a painter’s brush, 

A deepened blush, An heady rush!
Muse- thy have many forms

An heady rush, a deepend blush
A  poet’s pen, a painter’s brush!

Written for NAISAIKU Week VII


  1. Deepened Blush !
    So silent ! so coloourful!
    A sunset love poem.


  2. Hiya, this is a lovely piece of work, many thanks for posting it to The NaisaiKu Challenge?

  3. “A poet’s pen, a painter’s brush!”..

    what more can one ask for..many thanks indeed..

  4. WoW !! Wonderful meanie.. 🙂 i Loved this one.. this type of poetry demands expertise where the repeating doesnt feel forced and here it beautifully doesnt appear so.. Very Good!!!! 🙂

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