A silly rhyme

Waiting for the world to go by
I hear a distant cry
Unheard, unknown rhapsodies
Lost in sinking parodies.

Oft I wish I could discover
This rhyme that seems to hover
Just outside my realm of thoughts
Like those damn spider bots.

I wish I could trace the sky
And fill this verse with all the lie
That I could muster
Like those stars, that twinkle in clusters

But I cant seem to find,
Few choicest words to bind.
These pitiful thoughts of mine.
So I stand here and bide my time


P.S: One of my friend gave me the first 2 lines for this poem. It was written impromptu within 2-3 min. And this is just that. A silly thing and a rhyme.



Confounding me

Overpowering chimera

Negate my reality

Finding borders

In wide open spaces

Nihilistic propensities

Evict reason from its seat

Mirages rule roost


Nothing’s more confining as freedom

Tie me down and make me free!


Written for : Acrostic Only


I guess cross posting is not available on week days in Writer’s Lounge

This is not meant to be cross posting. But I guess thats what it is. today morning, I visited lounge to see whats new and guess what.. it was poetry and quite sensual too. And I being ever ready for mush gobbled it in, in delight and this is what I came up with 😀 😀


First take…

Engulfed in your arms,
I lived a thousand lives
Scaled the mountains of pure bliss.
And gently in the night,
As we experienced thousand deaths
In that enchanted kiss,
My heart thudded in delight
I am his..
I am his…

Second take..
You and me
Enmeshed presence
Us. A single entity. Complete.

Third take….

You breathed
On the nape of my neck

You traced
My sinewy curves

Your eyes
Blazed through my soul

Your tongue
Marked everywhere

You say
And I mutely comply

My love
To do what you dare..
Fourth take… A fib poetry..

crumble my 
Wild passion surge through
Drenched in love, I melt, just for you

P.S: Will be updating more as I write through the day.. For I am going to write more!!













Confusion ?

My inundated sky

enshrouds my doubts

in a dewy canopy

Treacherous arms sneak through the 

leaky holes.


Warm nights sweat

the auguries of the sunken  eyes 

Nakedness shy away

from the harsh glare of the day


Or is it that the light,

hide from the darkness?

And the shame cloaked clothes

Run from the denuded  ?


A paradox it is.. or is it this poet’s confusion ?


Like an oft repeated movie

On the late night channel,

Shadows dance through my consciousness

Like a ping pong,

I vacillate between reality and illusion

I walk on the razor blade

Myriad emotions seem to filter out


like one final sip

my heart squeezes itself dry

over and over again

And yet, no tear trickle through my eyes

Today, it won’t lie

Emptiness that I feel inside

Today, it won’t hide

A listlessness grips my soul

And I can clearly see what I am about to do

I feel no regret, if anything a perverse relish

It will be over now.

Once for all.

Neither here nor there.

It will be a home coming. Long awaited.

As the  sweet ambrosia of eternal lassitude

pervades my being.

I wish I could slip by

Just for a moment

and whisper in the wind

Thank you…….

A tormented soul finally found its peace

In the moment of death,

I finally lived – for the first time ever.

one word


In wide empty spaces,

I seek an elusive meaning

An expression  that escapes through

the illusive holes.


Of twirls and swirls

Of that scratchiness of the pen against

The starched whiteness,


Nothingness beckons to leave

wet foot prints  

To dawdle a bit

to trace the contours of the uneven sky


Hesitant efforts,

soon buried under rejected ideas

Juggle incessantly , bursting through the seams

I, clueless, struggle through


Unbearable ennui

To find metaphors

that justifies the words that seem to want to come out


Waiting for an expression

That could elevate them into some

complex and intriguing verse


Utterly defeated ,

I now,

Grapple to leave just a single trace

Just a single word

on the inviting blank canvas


Prompted at : OSI


While the sun shines bright

High, over the hills and

Elusive moon bides its time for the

Night to arrive


In the days of summer when

Tender little flowers bloom  and 

ves are of brightest hue ,

Spring unveils its magic!


Over the rambling mountains and

Vales filled with exotic blooms

Each nook, every corner

Radiantly aglow


Just when the world revels in its polychromatic glow

Unnervingly sneaks in cold, ashen winter

Sheathing the vociferous, evergreen

Trees with a pallid shroud


Behind the white canopy, 

Ossified nature

Waits for the onset of  spring


Written for : Acrostic only