Erudite Echoes Faintly 
Fugacious farces sagaciously; 
Sanity sails through
Tactile tablature 
Rabid ramnifications  galvanize
Ghostly Galanty macabre
Malaise mullishly haunts,
Halcyon hours .
Prompted at : Inspire me thursday!
P.S: Trying something new here.. Mostly this might not make much sense. but there is an underlying meaning.. Can you guess ?


  1. No idea!! This went right above my head!!

    A wild guess: The crow flew through the window and stole the fish 🙂

  2. Woah! The highly alliterative feel that this gives is one of deep solitude, and thoughts on rampage 🙂

    Way off the mark I guess… but then this is simply going by instinct.

    Awesome verbiage 🙂

  3. Uncannily, this is same title with which I finally posted a write on AP, just last night. Lol!

  4. Biju 😀 😀 I write like this once in a blue moon and then forget what idea I had in mind 😀

    Usha.. ah the words are googled out actually the difficult ones atleast..

    I was trying to portray the outrage at the “rabid ramifications” of certain individuals…

    erm not really sure now on afterthought 😀

  5. Interesting choice of words. I like it. 🙂

  6. Lovely!

    I could actually see a pattern in the write..
    Is it something like we have a poetic structure of words in the sequence
    So on..?

    And lol, I thought this was some sort of a competition today with each one wanting to post a poetry on “Malaise” apparently this is my third read with the same title in less than 12 hours!!
    Hehe, Loved each of them and the contrast between them.


  7. well ner came across a poem of this sort before
    The letter of the last word in a line is the starting letter in the next line..wat is it called..some specific style?

    n i find the witch cute.. well yea..y not? 😀

  8. I loved the alliteration and the rise and fall of deep sounds.

    Do chk out my new poem too…I left a comment on ur other blog as well.

  9. I have no clue what you were hinting at. The ambivalent crisscrossing of abundant images seems to suffice for now!

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