Never did I think, a day would come when,

Olive greens would turn a pale shade of brown.
Stories hidden in the folded wrinkles would
Turn into faded memories, blanked out at edges.
And it would require closet cleaning to be reminded of
Great times spent laughing together! 
Invigorated poses held rigid,
And with a flash,  captured  in a photograph.
Written for : Acrostic only


  1. This is good, and the photo is wonderful. You are getting good at this ..

    You have a week, and it’s better late than never … This was worth the wait.

  2. Excellent!! A poem made just for the picture with the alphabets in the word nostalgia. Amazing!!

    Really liked it. Keep Blogging!!

  3. wonderful!!!..goes well with d picture 🙂

  4. @amias,

    she’s brilliant at it i feel! 🙂

    superb nostalgic post! 🙂

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