Layers of reactive reactions, Rumble through the jumbled consciousness
Anarchy prevails, Confusion reigns!
Ernest efforts fail to jostle required responses
Confusion reigns while anarchy prevails.
Rumble through the jumbled consiousness and layers of reactive reactions.
Written for : 3WW and Naisaiku week VI


  1. Hiya, thanks for posting to The NaisaiKu challenge? I like the way you got the three little words in there again!

    Anarchy wow!

  2. Love the rumble through the jumble(d)reference. I keep coming back to search for new meanings in the layers of reactive reactions – I can see your brain working overtime here!

    Nicely nicely!!

  3. Powerful stuff here – the form is wonderfully accomplished. Love the way you blended the prompt words…

  4. writing this would be very difficult for me- you have a talent. you said a lot with so few words. complex and i had to give your words some thought.

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