To avenge life, I died a thousand times
Sanguine lies trembled, As genuine facts emblazoned the sky
I, Rambled about in oblivion
Genuine smile trembled, As sanguine lies blazed high
To avenge death, I lived a thousand lives.

Prompted at NAISAIKU III WEEK and 3WW



  1. Nice poetry, I like the life/death word change on the first and last lines, which gives the piece a much stronger feel, in fact both of these lines read much like an ancient quotation – well played!

  2. Hiya, thanks for taking The NaisaiKu.. Challenge this week, the post is up till the next one next Tuesday, so feel free to post anytime. I always enjoy reading your contribution and I love the word play in this poem and also how you managed to combine the prompted words at Three Word Wednesday – TTW’s a great prompt site to get the creative juices flowing…

  3. You’re doing a great job with this challenge – I haven’t tried it yet…Nice work!

  4. “To avenge death i lived a thousand lives..”
    awesome..hadn’t read any such thing before.very unique !

    would be happy if u took the musical 🙂

  5. Oh I so like this .. and indeed I have a favorite line ..

    “To avenge death, I lived a thousand lives.”

    Now that’s the way to avenge death! Just keep on living.

  6. This was wonderful…I also loved the line “To avenge death, I lived a thousand lives.” The ultimate revenge!

  7. Strong words.. though..
    And the contrast between life and death… i like it..!!

  8. Hey, this one made me read again from the first. And again. And again. It’s beautiful. Still can’t get over how strong you are at playing with words. Wow.

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