Twilight Dreams

Shadows dancing on the walls;
Like curtains, with the passing breeze;
Memories, flickering with the lamps,
That adorn the distant hills
And suspended, with bated breath
The instant when,
The day meets the night..

And at that instant,
A leaf from the past, revisits;
Brings along few whispers in the dark
Few moments from the park,
left behind.
A moment when lips parted,
To meet again.
And the moment when,
eyes met with shy candor in bitter sweet evasion!
Ah the heady romance!

It brings back the sunshine of youth
In the twilight of my life…

Prompted at : One single impression



  1. Oh~ I love this poem!! “Memories, flickering with the lamps,”; what a great line. Beautifully written!

  2. shy candor is so evocative of the first moments of found love.

  3. I can feel the sweet ache of love with that one. Beautiful.

  4. It is a sweet thing to bask in the sunshine of our youth memories when the twilight years appear.

  5. That photo is magnificent – your words so evocative…Twilight is always just around the corner.

  6. Beautiful. I love the fact that things get better in the twilight of ones life … yes, I agree with the others piece is very evocative.

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