Acrostic only!

A thought
Carved through my words
Reared with emotions
Overlapped with dreams
Slowly evolves as a verse
This verse then,
Is gently refined and
Coarse ideas, fit into a rhythm

Obdurate thoughts are then obfuscated into
Nuances; Which are
Left to be interpreted by
You, my readers!



  1. Winnie this so, so very good. Oh my … I wonder if I can used the scroll to make winning certificate. If so, email it to me .. or tell me where I buy it.

    My goodness, I am going to post this to the site, with your name on it, of course. This is so darn good … my friend .. you have talent abounds!

  2. You hit the nail on the head… Wonderful poem and so well displayed. I love your artistic work here..You go girl!

  3. Amias and Maggie thank you so much !

    Its wonderful to have your appreciation 🙂

  4. LOL, I like the way you leave it to the readers in the end, with flourish. It’s fun 🙂

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