A beautiful beautiful thing!

In your eyes, I see me
Gloriously alive, Amazingly alluring
This love, rose-tinted mess
A Beautiful, Beautiful Thing!
Rose- tinted mess, this love!
Amazingly alluring, Gloriously alive..
I see me in your eyes..

Prompted at : Naisaiku



  1. I guessed already you will definitely try !! and this one was so sweet 🙂

  2. Beautiful words! I love the way you re-arranged the second stanza…

  3. So glad that you wrote something for the Week One prompt – this is amazingly beautiful!

    Thank you for taking The NaisaiKu.. Challenge!

  4. Wendy thank you so

    Cursed? may I know your name please.. dont wanna call you cursed.. umm thank you!

  5. I like the approach with swapping phrases in the lines; clever.

  6. You reversed the lines and it still read find … this is good, very good.

  7. Super dear. Romantic.

    Whats a naisaku btw? Could u elaborate, so i can try someday?

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