Wind? Love?

Two flowers sneak closer,
Slowly they touch,
A moment together,

Lifetime apart

Wind the hero,and the villain

Prompted at : One single impression

P.S: I dunno what to title this.. do suggest 😀



  1. Jeeves and Sneha thank you 🙂

    Jeeves.. I love your poems.. I have you blog rolled 😀

  2. Very nicely done, I love the bittersweet conclusion – the two faces of the movement. How about “Windlove”?

  3. kite horse thank you for the kind words…

    Wind love .. hmm will wait for other options too .. thank you so much deborah.. you were the only one who responded to my question 😀

    Gautami thank you 🙂

    Amias thank you so!

  4. Wind, the hero and the villain

    Gorgeous! Such simple words, but such a poignant message.

  5. So much longing and so little control in this poem. Very nicely written.

  6. funny before i even read your words i immediately personified the picture of the two flowers as love. 🙂 great idea!

  7. Very nice! Title? Does it need one? Shorter poems often do fine without one. But my sense would be to focus on the wind’s nature in some way, it’s duality, it’s two-sidedness. Something like (but this is not an actual suggestion) FLIPSIDES.

  8. Interesting one roswila 😀

    Thank you for dropping by 🙂

  9. I believe the wind is more a Villain than a Hero…
    Coz the flowers never know when they meet again even after staying drastically close to each other….

    SO near yet so far

  10. Lovely movement. I don’t think this needs a title – as long as it appears with the photo.

  11. Thinking – you might want to tighten the poem a bit and print it on an enlarged picture for a haiga…just a thought.

  12. I love the photograph, and the words.

    How about ‘Kissing Goodbye’ for a title?

  13. ..enjoyed reading ur entry for the caption is:-
    ‘windmilled dreams’..
    (ps- only ‘windmilled’ sounds better,but i’m somehow sure u won’t like it!)..many thanks..

  14. zoya windmilled fits perfectly!

    just the name i was looking for!

  15. winnie, i bow to thy superior imagination and vividity of thought. True beauty in ur words. This is your best work to date i feel.

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