Not to go

The branches of the trees,
Wrap themselves around you,
Begging, not to go

The song birds,
sing in tandem,
Imploring, not to go

The passing wind,
Whisper into your ears,
pleading, not to go

The clouds in vain,
Urging, not to go

Ah the sky,
bends over
Willing you to stop to not go!

The wafting fragrance,
The drooping flowers,
The setting sun
And the rising moon

They all express
What my silent heart couldnt
Why don’t you heed to the plea in my eyes?
The unexpressed need in my sighs..

Screaming.. not to go…

Prompted at : totally optional prompts

P.S: I tried to combine two of the prompts.. for repetition and Aubade ( Aubade is a poem that asks someone to stay to not go away..)

P.P.S: I have kept it as simple as possible. I guess something as poignant as this needs no metaphor.. no symbols 🙂



  1. I think you used repetition well here!
    I also like the poetic references to nature
    and that ending is strong!
    I’m here from “TOS”
    She is a Palette

  2. Wonderful. I find a connection with Euphoria’s ‘Ab Na Ja’. 🙂

  3. This is a superb poem – it speaks on many levels…repetition is terrific.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this, you did well with these prompts.


  5. Wonderful! Very clearly written message, if I were him I wouldn’t go!

  6. “The unexpressed need in my sighs”…
    Nonverbal communication. So strong…so powerful…just like your poem!

  7. It seems everything around us sympathises with our regrets or dreads.

  8. if this is a double prompt, its quadruple brilliant…

    excellent winnie, as usual…!

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