Lets get lost together…

To the unknown shores,

Lets walk together,
Down this winding road,
As far as it takes..Lets keep moving..
No, you shall not be alone,
For I shall hold you hands
And sun, the moon and stars,
Shall be with us till the distant lands…
Lets forget all the worries,
And get lost together
With the passing wind
Lets fly in open skies
The birds will dance with us,
So will the autumn leaves.
Like a driftwood lets float
Down the river bend..
Oh to the unknown shores,
Lets sail away to glory
With the naughty gushing  waves,
Oh please lets not behave.
Just this once lets be foolish
And forget our way..
Through these meandering roads
Lets get lost together….
And may be then we will reach,
To that distant land.
Where sun and moon shine together
And never stay apart
With the glittering stars  and
floating sands,
Into the inroads of our hearts atleast
lets get lost together
Prompted at : Sunday Scribblings

On the other side of the moon

On the other side of the moon,

Breathes a naked world,
Of darkness and mystery
Of pain and misery,
And of pulsating rage unfurled
A tempest of supressed carnage
A shroud of secrecy it cloaks
With pent up desires, it chokes
Of whispers and nudges
Of malicious, unrepentant grudges
And of deafening sounds of silence
A world on the other side of the moon
Hidden behind the shadows
Scarier than the gallows
Of shifting and shivering sands
Lingers a  quivering land
Ah a land of veritable doom
On the other side of the moon
Prompted at : Inspire me thursday and TOP 

A song

Of hope and dreams,

A song I sing,
The sweetest song of all
Of tenderest care,
And simplest joys
Of mighty people  and small
A softest web,
of silken thread
A verse of delicate form
Of warmest hearts,
And noblest spirit,
And of kindness above all
I sing a song,
Of the glorious days
And the magnificent nightfalls
A song I sing,
The sweetest song.
It would be oft recalled
Prompted at : TOP


Persistent dreams interfere with callous reality.
Tumultous thoughts embroil in the inroads of my mind
Life, a will o’ wisp!
The inroads of my mind embroil in tumultous thoughts.
Callous reality interfere with persistent dreams.

Shadow dancing

Slowly she glided below titillatingly,
Half empty poses, vaguely flitted through
And with bated breath I looked;
Dazzled by her sinewy movements,
Onerous looks subdued into a smile.
Whence did she come from?

Dormant desires rose lustily;
And unbeknownst hands curved;
New songs reverberated as feet tapped in tandem
Carried with the rhythm, I danced.

It had happened finally. Shadows dancing through the valiant
Night, inspired me to
Gleefully envelope the darkness and step into light.

Prompted at : Acrostic Poetry only