I now have a dream

For all those vacant empty stares,
And the vague games that I played
With the spider crawling through the wall,
While I traversed through the darkened thoughts

I now have a dream….

A belief that the stars can be reached
This wall of inhibitions and defenses
Can slowly be breached

I know things are not easy as they seem

And yet, dreams can be made true,
If I only see it through
For life is worthwhile, only if you try !

I now have everything that I’ll ever need…

Prompted at : Meme Express



  1. oh yes i believe in ur dream…

    stars can b reached…we jus have to search for em amongst ppl…

    walls can b breached…we jus have to believe in ourselves…

    we dream coz we want them to b true…

    really nice n motivatin piece…*clap clap*

  2. Nice post!

    Thanks for participating at THE MEME EXPRESS.


  3. i dint get the title, what u mean? u now have a dream? u dint have one b4?

    i found the beauty in the italicized. good meaningful post.

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