Yet again!

A shiver went down my spine,

Cold it was, as stone

and yet,

It raged,
like a fire

fiery and insistent

I knew instantly,
Fate has played a game,
yet again,
I knew,

Things will never be same..

And then,
Illusions were re-made,
Yet again!

Prompted at : Sunday Scribblings



  1. poohi, ur words are so brilliant…!!

    loved the ending…
    illusions were remade yet again!! 🙂

  2. Really amazing!
    Have just started following your blog..I guess this is a gr8 place to come more often..
    Nice poems, short and sweet, and yet to deep!
    Keep writing buddy!

  3. Here from Sun. Scribblings (For Dec. 14th prompt). Your poem grabs my interest yet again and again as I read. “Illusions remade” I really like.

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