T for Tomorrow for abc wednesday….

I shall let the windows open,
And the breeze,would sweep away
These cobwebs from the past
But just not yet..

I shall wear the over-bright smile,
And cast away these tears,
Fill them with hope
But just not yet….

I shall face the sun,
Without any complaints,
These shadows wouldn’t last
But just not yet…

Dreams with be forged again,
With polychromatic hues,
blues forgotten
But just not yet…

Will come soon enough,
And this night of despair,
will be lost into oblivion
But just not yet…

Prompted at : ABC Wednesday



  1. Height of procrastination and unwillingness to give up depression. I identify with this piece of work! πŸ˜€ Too beautiful, girl!

  2. hehe you wrote about me there .. u owe me some royalty πŸ˜› u shd give credit where its due

  3. puleez navin.. this is not about you or for you πŸ˜‰

    It is about me πŸ˜€

  4. tch tch … may lord bless u with wisdom and gratitude πŸ˜›

    hehe .. jokes apart .. beautifully done !

  5. A great contribution to ABC Wednesday!
    Thanks so much for contributing!


  6. simple but fine refrain!

    indeed, the poem sums the substance of many who have broken dreams, lost relationships and unfulfilled promises – letting these go though they will never return (the mind knows) is like killing the heart at least for a while so that the post-convalescence periods are brighter. But none but the survivors know whether the heart has survived the surgery; some hearts do not!

  7. Sometimes don’t we get so comfortable even with pain that there seems no incentive to step out of it, the courage is somewhre lost in the maze of the painful emotions that v carry in our heart. Easier said than done, but that tomorrow doesn’t hold any promises for sweeping away your sorrow, so smile, coz your smile surely can heal your pain…

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