Blues beckon me yet again,

Marking me in many shades

Then why does it seem so gray ?

Colors that were so vividly alive



  1. Why does sadness eat thy time?
    Why find sorrow in ur rhyme?
    Look beyond the haunting Sky,
    You’ll see!even happy thoughts will fly!

  2. Wow! Nice touch with the blues and grays… very poignant!

  3. Fantastic depiction of how the blues wash out a person, emotionally & visually. Marsha

  4. @sid That was a nice impromptu verse..

    I guess sadness is easy to express than happiness.. atleast for me 🙂

    @usha ma’am thank you 🙂

    @anoop.. It myt be abrupt.. but it was impromptu 🙂

    @marsha.. how true! and welcome to my blog 🙂

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