Hidden ember

From the ashes of time,

Glints in amber,

Some intangible ties,
While the wind blows,
hold close.

To embrace the disenchanted sky
in honeyed glow

Hidden ember,
Through the never-ending night



  1. i dont know why this one has been neglected by your followers..

    honeyed glow…..loved the expression.

  2. i dont know why it has been neglected either…

    as for me, i am a comment bonanza person ever since i met u…!! 😀

    u know, the pic shows the words, more than anything else…!! loved it meena.


  3. this is a beautiful poem! thank you for sharing with us!

    p.s. i love the design of your blog!

  4. Hey uddy and vinay thnx!! 😀 😀

    @laurel words are always there.. we dont listen to them 🙂

    @melanie.. thnx so much.. the blog design is available online 🙂

    @neeru thnx 😀 😀

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