I shall let the wind

I stand today,
At the beginning of an end.
Of misery and tears!
And my thoughts,
Reach for the sky
like the twirling autumn leaves,
Swaying through the forest of my dreams.

Willing my heart,
not to lose hope, to yet believe,
I shall let the wind carry them,
Across the seven seas,
Dancing to glory,
Onto your lonesome world.

Then I shall call upon the snow,
To gently lull you,
Into a deep restive sleep.
Whence, I shall color your dreams
With my feelings, my desires
Until you tremble with..
The very essence of me.

And then I shall let you ,
Yearn for what was..
and yet never was
And hope for what could be..
I would let you miss me
Like I miss you,
With every breath!

Through the forlorn winter
With the first sprout of spring
I shall await your return,
To color our future,
With rainbow-ed moments
I shall let the wind,
Make my dreams fly..

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  1. This is beautiful. I love how you’ve mixed in your essence and made it fall from your pen so sensually. And, you’ve made the waiting for the color to arrive enticing. Well done. Have a nice day.

  2. lovely, there’s a sense of romanticism, her strong will comes out beautifully

  3. Navin!! 😀 😀 thnx

    @ anoop.. morning rain inspired this write 😀 😀


    Thank you for appreciating! Am glad you liked it!


    Ah thank you for reading through

    I am glad that you liked it so 🙂

  4. wow pooh… the photo is moving and more so your thoughts…

  5. write epics soon dear, u can get people to leave classics like the ODYSSEY if u go like this…

    magnificent!! 😀


  6. these words – your poetry – hold me in the air of personal experiences as well as tantalizingly invite me to pick up the pieces and walk on. another bonafide work of intense human emotion, coloured by candidness and passionate originality, free from cliche and even its melancholic or complex depths more joyous than the song of a thousand birds wallowing in the first sunshine of summer!

  7. as long as it doesn’t come thru as baseless, counterfeit and exasperating flattery, i guess it is ok:P

  8. in some shores, being humble is considered a hara kiri. lol. pride seems to be the latest humility but I am with you. humility is a signature of life’s great and small, dizzy and dismal, humble and tall and vales and peaks!

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