N for Nostalgia

Nights of conversations

Hugs of affirmation…..

Coiled into,
Few faded pictures

Ah nostalgia! A psychedelic memorabilia!

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  1. What a clever N! Nostalgia is lovely isn’t it? Thanks for sharing! Hope your week is wonderful!

  2. Thank you melissa, rambling woods ( may i know your name please?) and Rebeckah 🙂

    And welcome to my blog!

  3. wonderful dedication to thy fellow poet monkeys 😀

    Ah! thats a lovely pic too .. but i pity the tree 😛

  4. As the years go by, we all feel nostalgia for moments or friends that we can’t no longer enjoy.
    Excellent post!

  5. Nostalgia is the past with the hard parts filtered out. Each one of us needs nostalgia to keep us going.

  6. ah navin! that makes me your grand mom ever thought abt that ? 😀

    @antigoni too true! Welcome to my blog 🙂

    @bear naked.. thank you! i love your beary blog 😀 😀

    @anoop thanks! i know u r busy but u still made time.. thats so sweet!

    @earthlingorgeous Thank you.. i love your blog template totally!

    @ babooshka Thank you!!

    @richies Too true! rose tinted indeed!

  7. Hi, I’m here as a member of the new ABC team. I’m glad I came. The Nostalgia you talk about is a sweet thing, and you’ve made a lovely post.

  8. Nice poetry (and a great N) but do not fall too deep into nostalgia, less it drowns you.

  9. Thank you every one!

    @spacedlaw true! but its so enticing 😀

  10. nostalgia doesn’t drown u…
    it fascinates u…!!

    and its brilliant..!!


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