A day of mine

Ah Vinay had tagged me to write a poem about a day that would define me a long time back. Somehow, I never did the tag for so long.. coz well I was going through an uninspired phase. I am still no out of it.. but I am happy with my attempt here…

I chose a rainy day coz.. I feel it defines me completely.. The moodiness of it.. the color.. the moisture.. umm sometimes Its warm.. and at others It leaves you cold.. A rainy day always has drama.. So do i.. in everything I do.. effusive…. effervescent.. and a tad gloomy ๐Ÿ™‚

When might meets might,
In restrained delight,
Unaware of the consequences,
Sky , alit with wonder..

Adrift thoughts takes shape,
They flow with the drops,
On the window pane
Ah a tempest of auguries,

Dance of innocence,
Songs of light,
Whispered secrets
Thrum in unbridled passion

Trees tremble,
Clouds rumble
Thousand colors profuse,
Mingle and diffuse,

A day, when sun doesn’t set,
When moon doesn’t heed,
The star’s clarion call
A day for me indeed!



  1. yippee…!! i’m the first to a hundred recent comments!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. “A day, when sun doesnโ€™t set,
    When moon doesnโ€™t heed,
    The starโ€™s clarion call
    A day for me indeed!” – I once remember a prof telling me at a lit class that the best and worst of poems have concentrated “poetry” in certain sections about them; these parts control the poem as it were like its soul. In a beautiful verse like this the quoted stanza – even better because it is the last – bears the verse

  3. and hey, needn’t reply to these “you are welcome” sort of comments. lol. I am generally in the habit of replying to anything and everything and pretty jobless… so that’s abt that

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