Looking through the inner me,
A distorted vision I find
Memories golden, rose tinted sea
colors of various intensity,
Images flit through my fickle mind.

With words, pauses and random rhymes;
I paint them in various hues,
Wayward thoughts, rants and dreams.
A poetess? A writer? Confusion reigns!
Everyday I am born anew 🙂

P.S: I had this in my profile for long.. as “about me” on this blogger.. just updated it into a verse 🙂

A cup of coffee……

Percolating dreams,
Wafting thoughts,
fragrant memories,

Dancing lights,
Smokey orange
Curdled emotions,
Seeking respite

A sip, a grip
A tight hug
Ah what a trip!

A friend,

An evening,


A cup of coffee!

P.S: I want to dedicate this to Anoop for some amazing conversations and a cup of coffee * read iced tea* 😛 😛 😛

Prompted@ Sunday scribblings


Corroded corridors,
Momentous memories

A kiss, a hug
Happiness galore
That little tug,
in the lover’s heart

Lifeless pillars
Colossal carnage

A river of blood,
The tears flood
And hearts dread
As people fled

A day of terror
As hell broke over
Marked us forever

The towers crumbled
And the doyens, humbled
Raised hands in a prayer
The world stay mute