Leaden with pauses

Longer than the night
Resonates with unexpressed unformed thoughts.


  1. so true…
    indeed thats what conversations of mine are like…
    longer than the night… 🙂 mom screamin at me too…!!

  2. Yeah, I like the way you summed up conversation in so few words..

  3. Oh, yes. For sure. Longer than night and more necessary than water. Nice work.

  4. Some of the best conversations I have had , have actually taken all night to complete

  5. ..and sometimes, even conversations like that can’t cover half of what we want to share. ^^,

  6. “Conversation,
    Leaden with pauses” – think I should have a list of expressions such as “awesome”, “glorious”, “magnificent”, “fine turn of phrase”, “how do you get such use of subtlety” etc in a notepad. lol. because soon I will find that there’s some part of every poem of yours that deserve these – and much more than – adjectives

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