Dreams destined to forever gleam,
In dark recesses of my mind..
I wonder what will I find,
Beyond the glitzy glamor
All is not as they seem

And yet, every night is the same
I am lost , totally insane
purple dreams and silvery nights
An unwilling battle I fight
will I ever win?



  1. Somehow, this poem’s kind of “cryptic”. I mean, I just can’t grasp what you’re trying to say. 😐 (But I definitely like the rhyme scheme.) Perhaps if I read it again, I could understand. Let me try…

  2. it has never mattered to me. I mean I have not craved much till of late and when i have got what I craved, it didn’t seem like… how to say… it gave me neither pride or top-of-the-world feeling. I mention this point in my upcoming ode!

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