Your eyes…

Your eyes,

Penetrate my soul,
Naked I am,
To my very core….

Your eyes,

Break down my defenses
Vulnerable I am,
No pretenses,

Your eyes,

See through my lies,
My fake smiles, my tears
Discern my fears

My every thought exposed,
My every emotion,
Laid thread bare
My every secret disclosed

Your eyes,

Torment my nights
Helpless I am,
Overwhelm my sight

Your eyes,

Every veil they defy,
Over come every disguise
I devise

And inscribe your presence
In every pore of me



  1. i want a guy with eyes like that 😀 protectin n exposin, both at the same time!!! lovely work, sweetie.

  2. Gorgeous eyes. If they are yours, you will break many hearts in the world. LOL. Lovely photo and very powerful poem. Reminds me of one I wrote a long time ago and can’t even remember right now.

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