But it rained today

I can survive,
And still jive
Though you are gone

Doesnt really matter
My heart wont shatter
What if I am alone

Let the flowers bloom
Let the birds chirp
I wont drown in gloom

Let the wind whisper
Sweet nothings,
Let the cloud flirt

The fragrance,
the lilting melody
The nightly croon

Nothing can make me miss you
Nothing can sway

it rained today…



  1. simple n sweet… but guess wat, doesn’t sound like u at all :O i mean… some strength is missin. but then, i guess its probably got somethin to do with me. :/

  2. I can see still
    The flowers yet delight lungs
    Night turns day, day night
    Sunsets inspire
    I still shake hands with friends
    And indulge a coffee;
    I pen verses too
    And memories seem enough!
    I am not sad
    I am not happy
    I breathe
    I am alive…
    But you know whether I live
    Don’t you?

    – that’s qutobiographical: think of it as a rejoinder to another thought-provoking verse

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