A whorl slowly unfurls
The queen of the garden dances,
With the libertine wind
All day.
Lily of may
Soon the crimson skies turns gray
And the morning sun fades
She crumbles,
Back to dust, she rusts

Thought flowers of today
In the dawn of future
As new flowers bloom
A new day replaces
The night’s gloom
dispelling cobwebs of past
This too might not last
change is eternity
And time steadfast



  1. You know…. many a times I’ve been finding myself at a loss of words to comment on your poems ! 🙂

    Exquisite !

  2. “change is eternity
    And time steadfast” – a philosophy that can take books to articulate but you have done it in two lines. kudos!!! My guru says it this way: Time is god in the realms of Man!

    “Back to dust, she rusts ” – cute, and I like the use of “rust” here!

    “dispelling cobwebs of past” – seems like another Winnie signature!

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