Stroll with the past

Silent mountains, reverberating echoes,
Calls someone, lost somewhere
Fleeting clouds, wandering breeze
Carry the invite there

There near the horizon
where dark shadows lengthen
Lurks a soul.. long forgotten
seeking solace from the bristling gale…
consolations from the silent mountains…

As heart beats increase.. and world cease,
To exist;
Waiting for that glance.. an assault to my senses
And the ebony sky, witness to my pain, holds my sigh
but do i let the moments pass? and hold my tongue…
A quagmire that haunts me since eternity…

i wish to scream..yell…and say how much i care,
I wish so bad, to say I will be there
Can you hear the unsung dreams
In the music of the dancing stream ?
Please listen to the resonating silence
Unsaid words uttered in my defense

As the sun goes down the irascible sea
And light from the distant huts adorn the hill
A lonely tear mingles with the welcoming wave
Deep inside my heart I save..
Thousand thoughts unformed..
countless memorable moments unshared..

And I dissolve into nothingness
your uninvited..unbidding memory

P.S: This poem is written by uddy and me! Isnt it wonderful??


  1. it is it is!! 😀

    without doubt it is meenie… 🙂 and special thanks to uddy

  2. Poems that use nature’s elements as agents of expression are adorable. This is one of them.

  3. joint poetry?! *claps* I have been there done that too. It is delightful. Loved the last two lines in especial.

    You may want to look at the lack of uppercase on the first person “I”! LOL

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